Chapter 1Edit

1. Paradise Free

Chapter 2Edit

2. A Nice Awakening

3. To Craft, To Kill

4. Camp Smash

Chapter 3Edit

5. Chasing your Tail

6. Wrong Destination

7. The Fool Among us

8. Wrecking your Life

Chapter 4Edit

9. Drop your Weapons

10. Sky Shooter

11. Beast of the Jungle

12. Nightmare of Destruction

13. Komodo Time

14. Reach for the Skies

15. No Killing, Just Helping

Chapter 5Edit

16. Joke's on you

17. No Gun, Still Kill

18. Hopping like Crazy

19. Call Back

Chapter 6Edit

20. Be Worried

21. Hopping to Trouble

22. Family comes first

23. Breaking Rules

Chapter 7 [These don't include talking to friends]Edit

24. Few more things

25. Calling in a Favour

26. Betrayed

27. Finishing Things

Chapter 8Edit

28. Running out of Time

29. A Bad Ambush

30. Guns and Glory

31. Unexpected Meeting

32. Capture

Chapter 9Edit

33. Wrong Again

34. Flashback Time

35. Too Busy

36. Sunrise on Lunar

37. False Alarm

38. Back where we Started

39. Dumbfounded

Your Decision [CHAPTER 10/FINAL]Edit

40. Your Move

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